Faculty of Administration and Public Management from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies held from 19 to 20 June 2014 the 10th International Conference on Administration and Public Management entitled Economic Sociology, Human Resource Management and Organizational Dynamics .                                                     

The purpose of the conference is to reach high levels of knowledge exchange between experts in different fields of research and modernization and efficiency increase process results in the Romanian public administration, within the European Union integration process framework.

Since the conference theme is addressed to a wide range of researchers interested in issues related to local public administration, we invite you to take part to this international scientific conference.

Considering your interest in this field, we express our greatest consideration and hope to receive your positive feedback regarding our invitation. 

President of the Scientific Board,

 Professor Ph.D. Marius PROFIROIU

Dean of the Administration and Public Management Faculty,

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Copyright 2014 The 10th Administration and Public Management International Conference . All Rights Reserved. Sorin BURLACU sburlacu@man.ase.ro